English Remove Mod From Binarized sqm

Have you ever worked on a mission in the editor and used steam workshop mods and Binarized your SQM but later down the road the mod gets removed from the workshop and now your stuck with a mission.sqm you can no longer edit.
Well here is a simple workaround:

Step 1.
Open CfgConvert in A3 Tools


Step 2.
Select the Binarized mission.sqm


Step 3.
Convert into a bin file


Step 4.
Select the mission.sqm.bin


Step 5.
Convert the mission.sqm.bin into a CPP file


Step 6.
Once done rename mission.sqm.cpp to mission.sqm

And boom you can now edit the file in a text editor and remove the mods that are no longer supported.
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Nice tips, but i just wanted to know what's the goal of binarize your mission ?
Well most people do it to reduce the size of the mission.sqm. Some people who do custom work do it when there are mods involved so it’s hard for people the steal there map edits since it can not be opened in editor unless you have the mods or edit the file and remove the mods but you can’t do this if it’s binarized. Tho the purpose of this is not to steal content and i do not support it. It’s a tool and how you use it is on you.
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Les réactions: Nirawin