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Server Name: Defiant RPG

Defiant RPG is a brand new Arma 3 Life server, we are based on a map called Rosche. Our current staff team is quite small but it will certainly increase along with our player base. Additionally, we have put a lot of time and effort into making a life server that everybody can enjoy.

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Our Framework
Rosche Life has been built upon the Altis Life framework, more specifically version 5.0. We have built upon this framework and created something enjoyable for everyone.

An Overview of Our Server
Rosche Life has been an idea for quite a long time, however we never started designing the server due to a lack of funding. Now, after months of waiting, we have finally created an enjoyable platform for everybody to play on. We have a dedicated staff team who are devoted to ensuring that everybody is able to play on our servers without any issues. Should you have any questions, our staff team is always open for questions.

Our Content
At Rosche Life, we believe that an enjoyable experience is a priority. Therefor we have gathered the best content out there to make a unique life server. Some scripts we use from The Programmer are:
• Repair Job
• 3D Growing System
• Restraining System
Duty System
• Vehicle Ticket System
• Police Interpol
Iphone X
Advanced Phone (Calling, Phone Numbers, etc.)
Whitelist Menu
• Identity System
• Drugs/Alcohol Effects
• License Points
• Impound Lots
• Government Voting System

In addition to this, we have systems for;
• Scheduled Server Restarts
• 3D Mining System
• 3D Taser System
• Disco
• Rob Gas Stations
• Rob Modded Banks
• Vehicle Tuning Shops
• Custom Textures
• Custom Police Barrier Menu
• Weapon Crafting
And more!

Thank you
Thanks for taking your time to read through the features of Rosche Life. We hope to see you on the server soon!
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