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Pbo Manager is a software used to compact a folder in a format readable by Arma III, it allows to transform a folder into a .pbo or .ifa file having the contents of the folder and readable by Arma III.

1 - Installing Pbo Manager

  • Go to the
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    to download the latest version of the software.
  • Run the software installer
2 - Using the software

  • Once installed, you just have to Right Click on a folder then PBO Manager then Pack into your_folder.pbo to transform a folder into a .pbo file.
  • To get a folder from a .pbo file you just have to Right Click on the file then PBO Manager then Extract to your_folder\.
Be careful, if PBO manager does nothing when extracting a .pbo file to a folder, it is a protected .pbo file and it is not therefore impossible to open it with this software.
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