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    Template to make a presentation of an ArmA 3 server !

    TITLE : [EN | PRESENTATION] Name of the Server

    Name of the Serverr :

    The Programmer Server

    Practical Information of the Server: (management team, server infrastructure, ...)
    We have a team of 5 people including 2 administrators and 3 moderators on a dedicated server ...

    Useful Links: (Site / Forum)
    Website: https://www.the-programmer.com/

    Presentation of the Game Mode: (Life / AltisLife / MaldenLife / KOTH ...)
    Our server uses the Altis Life game mode in version 5.0 ...

    Server overview :
    After months of work, we server is finally ready with an original background and on a fully worked map ...

    Your originality :
    We have created our own scripts and we use those of The-Programmer which are: ....