Fuel Stations.

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  • Is it possible, to change the Fuel Station System. So the player can desit to pay the fuel oder don't pay. When he drive away without pay, he get en message an he will add on Wanted ( best with the price of the fuel in text. Also it would be nice if he get an Bill after fueling and can go to an Npc to pay the bill.

    Also I would stop the filling of fuel. So that the stations don't go empty. Someone have an idea what I had to do?

  • Wow, that's really not easy to do that alone.
    You will have to edit files in @The_Programmer/addons/fuel_stations/client, in the fn_refuelCar.sqf you can add use at the end the function https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_guiMessage to ask the player if he want to pay, if yes execute the end of the script otherwise use the function life_fnc_wantedAdd to add in on wanted list.

    About the NPC, it's really complex to explain how to and setup that. About your lastest idea you can remove in the same file this line : _pump setVariable [_fuelType,_newFuelAmount,true];

  • Thank you, it works.

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