Changelog V0.1 - Current Version

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    Welcome on the first ChangeLog of The Programmer Forum. I'm Loic Shmit, I'm the Forum Manager. Here, you can found all the modification that we bring to our forum.

    Here is the list of changes :

    Additions :

    • Framework Base (V1.12.0)
    • Q&A System
    • Group's System (you can create your groups)
    • Banner for groups
    • Theme Modification
    • SSO Auth (Github, Google)
    • Subject Key Word
    • Server presentation model
    • Fixes small problems
    • You can no longer change themes and homepage
    • New Shoutbox in french and english
    • Theme now available in French
    • Cookies popup

    Bug Fix :

    • HTTP forwarding in HTTPS
    • Improvement of the theme on the phone
    • Report System (Administration)
    • Fixes small problems

    Known Bug (unresolved) :

    • None