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  1. IceEagle132

    English ID above the head

    So I'm using https://forum.the-programmer.com/post/id-au-dessus-de-la-t%C3%AAte.872/#post-6062 My issue is the NPC's have ID numbers instead of set real name. As well Police and EMS only have ID not there Rank and Icon. @Said Here is my current player tag https://paste-me.net/jijoz
  2. IceEagle132

    English Save vehicles pos on restart

    I would like to use: save_civilian_position = true; //Save civilian location? But the issue with this is your car goes back to storage on restart. So when you join back you spawn where you left off but without your car. So I would like to have it so the car position is also stored.
  3. IceEagle132

    English Remove Mod From Binarized sqm

    Have you ever worked on a mission in the editor and used steam workshop mods and Binarized your SQM but later down the road the mod gets removed from the workshop and now your stuck with a mission.sqm you can no longer edit. Well here is a simple workaround: Step 1. Open CfgConvert in A3 Tools...
  4. IceEagle132

    English Gang Uniforms

    Every wanted gangs to have their custom uniforms without having to skin them? Well here is a very easy way to do so. Open Config_Clothing.hpp Find the gang shop by defult looks like this: class gang_clothing { title = "STR_Shops_C_Gang"; conditions = ""; side = "civ"...