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    Français [Fuel Stations] Transférer l'argent du remplissage à une entreprise

    Hello there, how can i make this for every gas station? so here´s an example: 1. gas station for entreprise 1 2. gas station for entreprise 2
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    Français Solved Nouveau tazer

    Hello, i´m not the pro in things at SQF, but this is maybe the Error: if (_projectile isEqualTo "B_556x45_dual") then {_distance = 100}; Change the B_556x45_dual to DDOPP_1Rnd_X26
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    Project Presentation [GER]FastLifeRPG 2.0 [MODDED][NO-WHITELIST][NO HARDCORE-RP]

    Hello everyone, I present you our Modded Gulfcoast_Life Server: FastLifeRPG 2.0! We are a German-speaking community that is currently in Open Beta and are therefore looking for players who thoroughly test all systems and then report any bugs to us. But we are also looking for players who just...