Basic Landing Site for your community

Hey everyone !

I decided to share 2 landing sites that I've made, some of you have, had or saw communities with sites that look really bad (not trying to offense) and in my opinion, good-looking sites make communities look nicer and more professional.

This landing sites might be simple, but they decent looking and very clean.

Hope you guys will enjoy this


What you downloading is a .zip with just the website files, you can just drop the zip in your web host and then extract the files from the zip into it and the site should work and display perfectly.
To edit stuff like buttons links and text simply edit the index.html file via notepad ++ or any other editor :)

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Hello, thanks for sharing your landing sites. They look really nice and clean, and I agree that they can make communities look more professional. I like the colors and the fonts you used, and the buttons are well placed.

I have a question though: how did you make these sites? Did you use a template or a framework, or did you code them from scratch? What tools or languages did you use? I'm curious because I'm interested in web design, and I would like to learn how to make my own landing sites.

If you don't mind, could you share some tips or resources on how to create landing sites like yours? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks again for your contribution


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Hello! This is an old post so I don't know if the author is still around.

However I think these templates were made from scratch using HTML & CSS.
You can find courses to learn these languages on OpenClassrooms or other websites :)
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